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Follow Sebastian, Josef, and Max across three continents in this gripping thriller

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Cruise Ship



On the cruise ship circuit, Sebastian McKenzie is a star. A brilliant pianist and singer, he entertains the wealthy guests every night in the piano bars and restaurants of the world’s leading cruise liners. But he never stays with the same ship for long. And some of the other entertainers have nicknamed him the Grim Reaper, because whenever Sebastian is on board, people go missing.

After escaping from prison, counterfeiter and gangland boss Josef Werner is driven to a safe hideout in the Didim area of Turkey. He sets up his base in the beautiful bay of Akbuk, and buys two isolated villas high on a hill overlooking the bay. But Werner has been followed by a private eye named Cortez, and the premises are bugged.

Max Cutler is an All-American boy: tall, blond and handsome, with a sharp wit and a keen eye for female company. A stand-out student at law school, he is immediately recruited into the Secret Service, to protect America’s interests overseas. Max is in Europe, breaking up a violent counterfeiting ring in Germany, when he hears that his baby sister Elisa has disappeared from a cruise ship in Alaska.

In a gripping thriller crossing three continents, these three men find their fates are entwined.

01  —  Tell us a bit about yourself


I spent my formative years in Singapore and Germany before returning home to Liverpool, United Kingdom. Attending the same school as John Lennon and Paul McCartney of Beatles fame, albeit a generation later.

Presently I am a Managing Director of Business Consultancy and have investigated over 200 industrial accidents. This has given me an insight into causations and forensics.


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02Do you have a favourite time and place where you write?

I have three favourite places to write. I must travel a considerable amount for my work and found I spent most of these nights away in a restaurant or pub and went up from 70 kilos to 85 kilos. I decided I needed to do something, or I would be 120 kilos by time I was sixty. So, I began to write in hotel rooms from 5pm to 9pm when I was away, mostly listening to either Wagner, the Bee Gees, Queen or Beatles.

Second favourite place was when we took cruises, my wife who is very creative would work on her projects and I would find a secluded area on deck and write. I observed people and gained insights on different characters, many traits I observed have assisted me to develop the characters. 

Third, I built an office outside in my large garden and when I finish work, I will sit there between 6pm and 9pm.I find it helps my thought process as I am surrounded by the aroma of flowers, the birdsong and the I do not even mind the gnats and insects that invade the office from Spring onwards.

03 — What advice would you give for someone thinking about becoming a writer?

Everyone has a story. It does not matter if you do not have perfect grammatical English or whatever language you write in. If the story is good enough someone like David Haviland from Loudhailer Publishing will polish it for you.

We all want a legacy so whether you’re are eight or eighty, and if it takes you 6 months or sixty years, once you have written it , no one can take that away from you.

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What do people Think?

Tidal Rage is a mind-blowing, gripping and completely engrossing thriller. Three men, three continents and one link that holds them together – murder(s).

The Book Decoder

5 stars

I liked how the book flowed through out, I was never really sure what was going to happen which I liked and I found the ending brought everything together nicely.

Echoes In An Empty Room


A great read and first book from this author, hope there’s more to come! Have read the likes of Jack Higgins and Lee Childs and think this ranks alongside them.

Mark R.


Yellow Flower
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